About Hazzys

HAZZYS started as a British traditional casual brand for men. Since then, it has expanded to diverse categories including Ladies, Accessories, Golf, Kids and etc. while providing an urban and vibrant look. The refined casual style offered by HAZZYS, completes the lifestyle of today's individual who enjoy a balance of work and life as well as travel and sports. Through overseas partnerships and outsourcing strategies, HAZZYS is dedicated to providing world class design and quality. Today, HAZZYS is poised for growth as a truly global brand.






British Style, for Your Urban Life Sophistication of the city yet based on the British idea of valuing tradition.

HAZZYS adds modernity to classic sentiment, and practicality to creative style. Luxurious yet sensuous, witty yet without losing its identity.

HAZZYS breathes in life in its own way to the metropolitan, full of new and interesting activities.

HAZZYS is perfect for you, for your urban life.



‘HAZZIE’ is the best partner to enjoying your life in the city, bringing you comfort and leisure. We call the English Pointer for HAZZYS ‘HAZZIE.’ English pointer is a bird-hunting dog which originates from British aristocratic families. Firm muscular body, arch-shaped long legs, and sophisticated, beautiful spots makes one predict its extraordinary pedigree. Unlike its brave and dignified exterior, English pointers are friendly and affectionate. Also they are extremely loyal. This is why we have chosen the English pointer as our mascot. Those who dress in HAZZYS are always confident and self-assured yet warm and affectionate inside.